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Boat Insurance

An Overview of Boat Insurance

Boats are almost as popular as recreational vehicles, maybe more so. Whether the boat is utilized for recreational or for commercial purposes, it is crucial that one carry proper coverage. According to the U.S. Coast Guard there were over 4,000 recreational boating accidents that resulted in 626 deaths, 2,613 injuries, and about $42 million in property damage in 2015. Most accidents will happen at the end of the day after drinking and being exhausted can alter the judgment of boat operators. Boating is a terrific way to enjoy life, but the above statistics tell of the importance of purchasing good boat insurance.

Benefits of Coverage

A notable benefit of obtaining boat insurance is the protection that is provided should your boat be damaged or stolen. As a boat owner, there are several various risk factors that can result in loss. These include severe weather, negligence on the part of those using the boat, theft and vandalism too. Keeping in mind that boat ownership can mean a significant investment, it’s logical to carry a policy that will provide the option of full replacement and repair protection.
Another plus of carrying a good boat insurance policy is the built-in liability protection. When operating a boat, one is not only responsible for his or herself, but for all the passengers on the boat and even those who happen to be in or near the water and potentially vulnerable. Should you be involved in a boating accident, liability issues can become a big and very expensive problem. Having full liability coverage for a boat, means the protection is there for you should an accident of some kind occur and you are facing a lawsuit.


A quality boat insurance plan will also provide the coverage needed for theft protection. While this is not as common as car theft, it still happens. Sometimes, stealing a boat can appear easier as these craft are often, for extended periods of time, left unattended and vulnerable to theft and even vandalism. If you wish to avoid being the victim, this kind of an insurance plan can give you the coverage you need to obtain a full replacement for your boat should it ever be stolen.